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Stream decompress archive files on S3

Sometimes I need to uncompress large archives located in remote locations - for instance, in Amazon S3. Most normal approaches to uncompressing archives involve resource-intensive processes, like downloading the entire file into memory - an approach not tenable for multi-gigabyte files.

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Python hasattr method headache

Python's hasattr function checks to see if an object has an attribute - a fairly straightforward and sensible purpose. When I used it, however, it caused some very subtle problems that were tricky and unintuitive to debug.

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Hiding parts of Oscar Commerce

I've been working on an eCommerce website using Oscar Commerce, and it has been an experience. One of the issues I've encountered is that Oscar has a tremendous number of features that I will never, ever need,

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Better permissions for uploaded files in Django

Django assigns permissions to any user-submitted files it saves. If you don't explicitly set what these are, it uses an operating system default - which, in most cases, is 0600. If you're unfamiliar with unix-style file permissions, that means the following:

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My First "Let's Encrypt" Cert

Now that it is in beta, I decided that I should request HTTPS certificates through the new Let's Encrypt certificate authority. It is free, secure, and provides a unique way of requesting certificates.

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Unobtrusive Let's Encrypt requests

My only beef with the Let's Encrypt process is that, by default, the utility wants you to disable your web server in the process of requesting a certificate, so that it can listen on port 80 (or 443) for a verification challenge. I host lots of sites, many of them high-traffic, and that's kind of a deal breaker.

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GNUsocial Migration Script

Update: Tobias provided a canonical link to his StatusNet Move Account script.

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Working with base64 and images

I have been working with base64 encoding a lot recently, specifically regarding image files. Using base64 is a cool way to embed images in your CSS, and happens to be useful when writing Django tests that involve an image file field.

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New Django Blog is Finished!

Wooo! How exciting! This is the first post I'm making on the new Django-based blogging engine I've been writing. With this, I think the main overhaul is just about finished.

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