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Fragmented Development

Hiding parts of Oscar Commerce

I've been working on an eCommerce website using Oscar Commerce, and it has been an experience. One of the issues I've encountered is that Oscar has a tremendous number of features that I will never, ever need,

Luckily, there's an undocumented setting, OSCAR_HIDDEN_FEATURES, that is itself a hidden feature! The syntax is a simple list of different apps that you don't want to use:

OSCAR_HIDDEN_FEATURES = [ 'reviews', ]

I use it to hide the reviews app specifically, and I'm not sure if OSCAR_HIDDEN_FEATURES works for other apps, but it looks like it could be implemented by forking an app and adding the hidable_feature_name attribute to the application:

class MyHideableApplication(PreviousApplication):
    hidable_feature_name = "hideme"

If this stays undocumented, and I get to play with it a little more, I might do a full explanation of how it works - and how you can implement it in templates and such.

Tags: python django oscar

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