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Fragmented Development


This is a repository for the thoughts, notes, and achievements of Mr. Jacob Hume. It contains posts on a large variety of subjects, technical and otherwise.

Python `hasattr` method headache

Python's hasattr function checks to see if an object has an attribute - a fairly straightforward and sensible purpose. When I used it, however, it caused some very subtle problems that were tricky and unintuitive to debug.

The last six months

I've been "off the grid" for more or less the past six months. In case you were wondering why, here's an itemized list of my daily routine, expressed through my inner monologue.

Better permissions for uploaded files in Django

Django assigns permissions to any user-submitted files it saves. If you don't explicitly set what these are, it uses an operating system default - which, in most cases, is 0600. If you're unfamiliar with unix-style file permissions, that means the following:

Our daughter has arrived

It's been over a week, but I'm sure you can all understand why I've been too busy to write this post.

My personal bash prompt

Over years of using bash, I've customized my prompt configuration to fit my preferences. I value a minimal appearance, and I prefer to convey information with colors when possible. I also like it if information is hidden until relevant.

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