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Fragmented Development


This is a repository for the thoughts, notes, and achievements of Mr. Jacob Hume. It contains posts on a large variety of subjects, technical and otherwise.

GoDaddy DNS Records Create Issues For Self Hosted Email Servers

I run my own Postfix email server for my personal mail, and for several other domains via virtual hosts. Between several different software packages, protocols, standards, and 3rd parties involved in email it's difficult to track down problems in certain circumstances.

Manually adjust pulseaudio volume with media keys

One of my favorite things about keyboards in the past few decades (and I really like keyboards) are media keys. Play, pause, mute... and most important, the raise and lower volume keys. Tying these functions to my keyboard make it simple and quick to change what's happening with my computer's sounds.

Dark times ahead

I haven't had much excuse to do any real web design in quite some time. To get my toes wet again, I added dark mode support for FragDev, along with other updates that have been a long time coming.

Disable devices with udev

Every piece of hardware I have seems to have its own built-in sound device. Thunderbolt docks, USB3 hubs... even HDMI and display port carry sound. On my laptop, I only want to use a few of them - but every time I connect another device, it becomes the default sound card.

Testing backup DVDs without video and audio

After creating a whole host of backup DVDs, you might be faced with a dilema; how to verify that each disk was burned properly. Backups aren't backups until they are tested!

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