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Fragmented Development

About Jacob Hume

I'm 40.63555352637785-year old living in the central coast area of California, near Monterey Bay.

An illustration of Windigo, sitting with a plate of cookies, gesticulating
illustration by Anne Hoffer

I am currently working at Tyler Technologies as a PHP Developer. I dig coffee, Free software, and Minecraft.

Public Key

In case you have an interest in privacy and cryptography, you can download my public key as an ASCII-armored text file, or you can simply fetch it from your favorite keyserver. My key ID is 0xDAECFD4CBCC76ED6.

Fragmented Development

Fragmented Development was originally started as a Web Design company, going by the name of Wednesday Bubbles. While mildly successful in it's own small way, WB had several problems; first, the general public cannot spell Wednesday. Also, it's very hard to gain respect with a name that includes the word "Bubbles" in it. So, I did an informal poll on my blog, and Fragmented Media won out. This didn't last long, simply because the "Media" attatchment was much too restrictive, and didn't really reflect what we could do. So, in late 2003 the name was changed one final time to Fragmented Development, and the domain was registered in early 2004.

After a couple reorganizations and different groupings, Fragmented Development has become my personal website, where I host a small basketfull of Free software applications.