Making websites for the fragmented web

The web is changing all the time. Whether visitors are using a laptop, a phone, or listening to a screen reader, your website needs to work for them.

I can help.

I develop fast, beautiful websites that work for your users. If you or your business needs a new website, help with an existing website, or another of our services, please contact me!

- Jacob Hume, Web Developer

Latest Post: Why is broken

There have been lots of problems with my GNUsocial instance, starting at the very beginning with and (which rendered users unable to subscribe to me). I've learned a lot, but now I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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Latest Project: Battle Hill Brewing Company

A snapshot of the Battle Hill website

Family is important to me. When my Uncle, Jim Hume, decided to start a brewery and finally make a living doing what he loves, I was thrilled. When he asked me for some help with his website, I couldn't refuse!

If you should happen to be in Fort Ann, New York, stop by the Battle Hill Brewing Company, and pick up a pint.


Here at Fragmented Development, we run the following FLOSS software:

GNUsocial is twitter, without all the exclusion and proprietary bits! In addition, it's federated - so users on our GNUsocial instance can send messages to users on other independent instances.
Mumble — (
Mumble is a voice chat server. It's a great way to talk to several people at once, have a one-on-one chat, or record that episode of Hacker Public Radio that you owe to Ken Fallon.
A social bookmarking application, SemanticScuttle is very similar to — before the remake.
Tiny Tiny RSS
A very functional, lightweight RSS reader with a few extra social functions. If you like Google Reader, you should give TTRSS a try.
A smooth, simple webmail interface, Roundcube is a great web-based IMAP email client. It can be used as an interface to any IMAP server, but on FragDev it talks to Dovecot and Postfix.


Our servers run a host of underlying software that allows us to host sites and applications: