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Fragmented Development

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Keeping keys for SSH, and passwords for SFTP

My VPS has lots of different applications residing on it, and many people need to access it in various ways. Sometimes, tightening security for one group can negatively impact another.

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My First "Let's Encrypt" Cert

Now that it is in beta, I decided that I should request HTTPS certificates through the new Let's Encrypt certificate authority. It is free, secure, and provides a unique way of requesting certificates.

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Unobtrusive Let's Encrypt requests

My only beef with the Let's Encrypt process is that, by default, the utility wants you to disable your web server in the process of requesting a certificate, so that it can listen on port 80 (or 443) for a verification challenge. I host lots of sites, many of them high-traffic, and that's kind of a deal breaker.

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Transfering a domain from GoDaddy to Hover

I have been slowly moving all of my domains away from GoDaddy to my preferred registrar, Hover (full disclosure; that's a referral link). I have about a dozen domain names, but one of them is much more complex and important than the rest:

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SNMP and SonicWall Network Security Appliances

This is a small issue that took me weeks to sort out. We run a SonicWall NSA 240, which supports SNMP. The service was very easy to set up, with settings located under the "System" category and the "Administration" sub-category. There are only a few fields to configure, so you can imagine my dismay when it didn't seem to work.

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Bits and Bytes

All ye connecting with phoneline modems, all ye who make sandwiches while waiting for files to download, I feel your pain. For I am a web minimalist.

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Burnin' Down The House

A few days ago, the tallest building in Glens Falls caught fire. It was an electrical fire on the 10th floor, and it shut down the building and almost every office in it.

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