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Fragmented Development

Burnin' Down The House

A few days ago, the tallest building in Glens Falls caught fire. It was an electrical fire on the 10th floor, and it shut down the building and almost every office in it.

The Warren County Office for the Aging is located on the 3rd floor of that building. They got the next day off.

Two days after it happened, we had them up and running in a small spare room in the municipal center. Instead of missing their files and not being able to work, their biggest worry was the annoying squeak of their hand-me-down chairs.

We had their server up and running within three hours of being allowed into the building to retrieve it. Six spare workstations were converted into fully-functional OFA PCs before they arrived. Their phones had been forwarded to the new room, with no changes visible to the outside. By the time I arrived to work that day, they had full access to everything they had at their office. The robustness and scalability of our network surpassed even my expectations so much that the only thing they could complain about were the squeaky chairs.

This is the power of a well run network, this is the result of our IT department organizing and becoming a force to reckon with. And the best thing?

We've only begun. I love my job.

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