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Now With IE8 Support!

Notice anything different about this site? …well, hopefully not.

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The Problem With Evergreen Browsers

On the surface, the concept of an "evergreen" browser – a browser that is always updated to the latest version – sounds like a no-brainer. Finally, browser makers have delivered us from the hell that was stagnant browser versions! IE6 is dead, and will never return!

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Getreel; youtube-dl wrapped in a web app

My friend Jezra was recently put into the same predicament that I've been in for the last year and a half. We live in beautiful areas that are full of natural splendor, but very light on the technology front. As a result, we both have our Internet beamed to us from frickin' space via a satellite.

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jQuery, wrap(), and IE

I decided to create a collapsible/expandable navigation script as one of my first forays into jQuery, and ran into an interesting issue with the way I was using the wrap() function, and the way Internet Explorer interpreted it.

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Where's Windigo?

At one of our LUG meetings, NYbill noted that I had more or less been a no-show lately on the forums, IRC and everywhere else. I even missed a LUG meeting! So, I wanted to give everybody a little sneak peek on something that I've been working on...

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Javascript for Layout

I browse with an Firefox extension called NoScript, because it's one of the only ways to secure yourself against most of the nasty things that lurk on the internet. Right now, it's almost a silver bullet for web security: it is rather hard to automatically compromise someone's PC without javascript. If you're at all concerned about identity theft or keeping your computer clean, then this extension is for you.

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Debugging the "Object has no properties" Error in Javascript

I've encountered this problem before while writing Javascript, and was recently reminded what a pain it can be to debug. Hopefully these tips will prevent you some strife in your own coding.

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Unobtrusive File Tracking with Google Analytics

The Google Analytics folks recently announced the ability to track downloads of documents with their service. The method provided involved adding a onclick attribute to the anchor tag of whatever document you would like to track. Every time someone clicks the link to download/view the file, the _trackPageview() function is called and registers a hit for that file. Pretty simple, eh?

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How To Dodge SQL Injection

Recently, a lot of .gov and .edu web sites have been the target of SQL Injection attacks that seed their database with Javascript that does all sorts of nasty things, including targeting an old RealPlayer vulnerability. For all the gory details on this particular incident, I recommend reading the Web Security Blog over at for all the details, or the original SANS report of the attacks.

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JSON: Prequel Post

What I know about JSON can be summed up easily, placed on a post-it note, and stuck to your monitor as a (somewhat) helpful reminder. What I know about JSON is this:

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Accessible Javascript - Ouch

To help increase the useability of the Warren County web site, I've been looking into accessible JavaScript. We currently use some expand/collapse scripts, and they're real hokey. The function calls are hard-coded into the links, and expanding them is akin to taping on the additional code with duct tape. Due to my anal, perfectionist approach to this sort of thing, these scripts simply have to go.

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DOM Inspector: Sliced Bread, Eat Your Heart Out

It's been a rough week, but my overdue discovery of the DOM Inspector built-into Firefox may have just made my day.

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