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Fragmented Development

JSON: Prequel Post

What I know about JSON can be summed up easily, placed on a post-it note, and stuck to your monitor as a (somewhat) helpful reminder. What I know about JSON is this:

JSON is the velvet rope of JavaScript.

One of the reasons I can sum things up so concisely is because I have no idea how to use JSON. I've read a few articles, looked at a few tutorials, and gotten myself nowhere. When I learn more, I will post it in this blog and link to it from this post.

This space reserved for link to my infinite future knowledge

Until then, may I humbly suggest Web Standards With Imagination, a blog maintained by Dustin Diaz. He's the guy that introduced me to this stuff, and where JavaScript is concerned, he is the Dalai Lama to my plain-old Llama.

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