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Fragmented Development

Where's Windigo?

At one of our LUG meetings, NYbill noted that I had more or less been a no-show lately on the forums, IRC and everywhere else. I even missed a LUG meeting! So, I wanted to give everybody a little sneak peek on something that I've been working on...

Take a look at the teaser for Hike ADK (and please don't mind the graphics!)

I live in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, and as a result of that, I enjoy hiking. I also enjoy web technology and Free software, so the logical thing to do was to make a web site about hiking. So, I've been working on that a little bit (in addition to a busy time at work).

Not only have I been working on the web site, but I've been working on the Linode that it will be running on, which is a large piece of unknown landscape that I need to cover. It's been a long time since I used Apache seriously (last time it was Apache 1.3, not the 2.2 branch), and the first time I've tried my hand at Linux server administration. Very cool stuff, but definitely very tedious to some extent.

The web site itself is really pushing my experience with things like SVG, Javascript & Jquery, and some of the PHP libraries I don't get to use too much. I'm having loads of fun doing it, but it's also very time consuming. With the other side work I do - smaller organizational web sites and such, light helpdesk stuff - I've had trouble keeping up with the forums and everything.

December should be another busy month, but I have high hopes that some saved vacation time will let me pop up more often in the LO community. It's easy to forget how awesome everybody is, but it's even easier to dive right back in. Hopefully I'll stop by more frequently!

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<p>i found windigo he is right here! :)</p>

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