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GNUsocial on nginx and Debian 8

After running GNUsocial for years, I've chiseled my GNUsocial setup into something fairly fast and respectable (mostly through consistent experimentation and breakages. Sorry, users). Newer configuration changes require Debian 8, or "Jessie", so I thought I'd make a new post explaining things.

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GNUsocial on nginx with PHP-FPM

UPDATED 2016-04-29: Updated for Debian 8 in GNUsocial on nginx and Debian 8.

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I am the problem

The "fediverse", as we call it, is a collection of self-hosted servers that communicate and federate with each other using open protocols. GNUsocial is one such server, and that's the one I run on my server. Friendica is another piece of software that does a similar job. These servers are designed to work together, unless I mess that up.

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PHP recursion with anonymous functions

Edit: Quick update to implement syntax highlighting. Ooooh, ahhhh!

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Bizarre Error, Revisited

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was receiving a bizarre error message: "Unable to create temporary work files". It turns out that it may not have been as bizarre as I had once thought.

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Bizarre Situation, Bizarre Error

Update: The plot thickens!

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Server Administration for Dummies

I finally got Postfix configured correctly (if not completely) on my VPS. It took a lot of poking, but now I can send and receive mail in SquirrelMail. While this is only the beginning of the configuration, it's a nice feeling to have something "click" and start functioning. I owe it all to the fantastic Postfix documentation - quality stuff they've got there.

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Where's Windigo?

At one of our LUG meetings, NYbill noted that I had more or less been a no-show lately on the forums, IRC and everywhere else. I even missed a LUG meeting! So, I wanted to give everybody a little sneak peek on something that I've been working on...

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PHP or die?

In several low-level, beginner PHP tutorials you'll see this:

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Issues with SQL Server 2005 and PHP - Part 1

This maddening issue took quite a while to figure out, so I sincerely hope I can save somebody the time by documenting it here.

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Class ... Not Found Issue

I ran into a very sticky issue while writing a very complex set of PHP classes: I continually ran into the "Class '[ClassName]' not found" error, even though the classes were clearly defined – sometimes even in the same file. This drove me nuts for hours.

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Troubleshooting: PHP Extended Classes

This is really just a quick piece of trivia, but can cause tremendous problems if you're not expecting it.

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Manipulating Files Without the Filesystem Functions

GoDaddy doesn't allow sites to write files to the filesystem using the PHP filesystem functions. This may be due to security concerns, but it put a kink in the comic system. Storing strip images could always be done through the database, but that adds a whole extra layer of complexity and performance drain to the application.

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Mind Your Versions

This blog, the main site, and many of my other sites are hosted by the "colorful" web host GoDaddy. I use them for several reasons, like reliability (100% uptime on their Linux servers) and their reasonable price. In fact, I have been an extremely happy customer – almost a fanboy – but I have run across a dilemma.

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Safeguard Your Redirects

Every once and a while, I allow a page to terminate itself by redirecting the user to another page with the header() function. This effectively stops script execution, because the user is sent to another page, right?

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How To Dodge SQL Injection

Recently, a lot of .gov and .edu web sites have been the target of SQL Injection attacks that seed their database with Javascript that does all sorts of nasty things, including targeting an old RealPlayer vulnerability. For all the gory details on this particular incident, I recommend reading the Web Security Blog over at for all the details, or the original SANS report of the attacks.

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LifeType and Smarty

I've been messing around with the options in LifeType, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. The options that LifeType offers seem to suit me pretty well, although there are some behaviors that irk me a little. I believe that I'll chalk them up to my inexperience for now, and hope for the best.

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Your Mission, If You Choose to Accept It

The plain red second hand of the plain brown wall clock struck twelve, registering ten thirty in the morning. It was Saturday; a single bead of cold sweat rolled down my left temple. It was time. With a few quick keystrokes, I opened Remote Desktop and type in the name of our web server.

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I'm not sure whether I've discussed this before are not, but I have a very big part in a very large choice that's about to take place in our office. We're at a turning point in the IT department, one that will effect us for a very long time - possibly the next decade or so. We need to decide on a development language to use: for web, for applications, and anything else we might do.

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