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Fragmented Development


I'm not sure whether I've discussed this before are not, but I have a very big part in a very large choice that's about to take place in our office. We're at a turning point in the IT department, one that will effect us for a very long time - possibly the next decade or so. We need to decide on a development language to use: for web, for applications, and anything else we might do.

Currently, we are using FoxPro for our desktop applications, and PHP on the web side. Our IT Director is pretty pro-Microsoft, and only allowed me to use PHP when an old co-worker informed him of how much they were using it at his current place of employment. However, he's pretty much on the fence about where we should go next.

Microsoft has shown no interest in supporting FoxPro, even though it's a fantastically fast language that comes built-in with it's own database. That leaves our in-house applications looking like they were straight out of Windows 3.1. Our director would like to (if possible) use a unified language for both web and application development, because he would like to see the two become much more closely tied. "The web is the future", as they say.

So, we're re-writing an in house application in ASP.NET to see what it's like. I have a bunch of PHP development under my belt, so I know what that's like. So, my opinion will have a big part in the final choice.

Here's hoping my opinion leads to the best answer...

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