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jQuery, wrap(), and IE

I decided to create a collapsible/expandable navigation script as one of my first forays into jQuery, and ran into an interesting issue with the way I was using the wrap() function, and the way Internet Explorer interpreted it.

I was adding some anchor tags via wrap(), like so:

$('#selector').wrap('<a href="#">');

This worked fine in every browser I tested in, as long as it wasn't made in Redmond. The code ran fine, without any errors, but wrap() never added the anchors. This really stumped me for a while, since it not only broke in IE6, but 7 & 8 as well.

A quick change to the code, however, had everything working everywhere:

$('#selector').wrap('<a href="#">**</a>**');

Who knew IE was a stickler for properly formatted code? I'm not sure why this happens, but hopefully my discovery will save you some time in the future.

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<p>That does seem quite odd. Was the failure in the javascript or was it in the rendering on screen?</p>

jezra –

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