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Bizarre Error, Revisited

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was receiving a bizarre error message: "Unable to create temporary work files". It turns out that it may not have been as bizarre as I had once thought.

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Cool Linux Tool: gcolor2

Just a quick post to highlight a great package I found in the Ubuntu Repositories: gcolor2!

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Using SVG

I've been working a lot with SVG a lot lately, and you know what? It would be really handy to have a SVG-like format that could be embedded via the img tag.

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Configure Under Fire

Due to some inescapable conditions we've encountered at our hosting provider at work, we have been cornered into hosting it ourselves. This doesn't bother me one bit, but I wish we weren't trying to do it yesterday.

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Making Navigation Work

Out of all the projects I've been working on, one issue continually crops up. That issue is site navigation, and it is the single most important part of your site.

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Spell Check Savior

I recently set up the spell check functionality in my text editor, something I have been meaning to do for quite a while. I am migrating the county to a new layout, and I'm revising the text of pages as I go along. Because misspelled words reflect very poorly on the author and their credibility, I thought that spell checking everything couldn't hurt.

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Do It Hard, Do It Once: Part 1

I'm a hardcore web guy. I dive straight into the mucky muck of tags and CSS and server stuff and I love it that way. I code each piece of HTML or CSS in a page by hand. I use two tools when doing web work: The GIMP for all my image needs, and PSPad for absolutely everything else, and with these tools I manage two highly complicated web sites. At last check, they have over 700 documents (pages, downloadable documents like PDFs) between them.

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Avoid 404 Messages

There's nothing more shameful, nothing more embarrassing than finding that one of the links on your page is dead. If you're going for the quaint amateur-ish designer look, then let the links on your site lead to 404 errors. I can't think of any better way to lower a visitor's opinion of your competence...

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Compress Your Content

"My, loading that web site was entirely too fast for my tastes. I wish the authors of this page would slow it down a bit!"

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Accessible Javascript - Ouch

To help increase the useability of the Warren County web site, I've been looking into accessible JavaScript. We currently use some expand/collapse scripts, and they're real hokey. The function calls are hard-coded into the links, and expanding them is akin to taping on the additional code with duct tape. Due to my anal, perfectionist approach to this sort of thing, these scripts simply have to go.

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Oh I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...

I've been getting IIS worker process errors lately. I can't really track them down to a certain page or a specific recurring time of the day, and it's driving me crazy. As a last resort, I re-enabled logging on the main Warren County site. It turns out that I still have quite a bit to learn about a server administrator: I should have been doing this for months.

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Bits and Bytes

All ye connecting with phoneline modems, all ye who make sandwiches while waiting for files to download, I feel your pain. For I am a web minimalist.

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The Little Browser Box

Our Telecomm guy had a suprise for me the other day: one of the DAs was getting a Blackberry, and he had it for a little bit. He stopped by, and brought up the Warren County web site.

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Robots Run Amok

Here at the County, we're getting hammered by a web crawler named "Pita+". The only information it provides for itself (and the only information I could find on it) was an e-mail address, which was 'webmaster' at 'pita.stanford college'. It didn't actually say 'pita.stanford college', but I'd rather keep that e-mail address spam free, even if it's spamming our site.

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