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Spell Check Savior

I recently set up the spell check functionality in my text editor, something I have been meaning to do for quite a while. I am migrating the county to a new layout, and I'm revising the text of pages as I go along. Because misspelled words reflect very poorly on the author and their credibility, I thought that spell checking everything couldn't hurt.

I should have been doing this years ago, as I have discovered spelling errors on current wordings as well as the new type I'm adding. For instance, if you visited the government page in the past few years, you could have used one of our helpful links to get a listing of all the "deptartments" in the federal government.

The text editor I use, PsPad, has a built-in spell check function, as does Adobe Dreamweaver. If you use any of these editors, use the spell check function. If you use another editor, make sure it has this feature. While I haven't thought much of spell check in the past, I would now put it alongside syntax highlighting in matter of importance. The best web site out there is only as good as it's content, so make sure your content is correctly spelled!

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