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Fragmented Development

Using SVG

I've been working a lot with SVG a lot lately, and you know what? It would be really handy to have a SVG-like format that could be embedded via the img tag.

Hell, I'd even use the SVG format we have today inside an image tag, if I could. Note to self: find out why that isn't allowed.

Okay, now I need to get back to being late for work.

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<p>What Jezra said too.</p> <p>SVG as an object in the HTML means you can do fancy vector editing like Flash, albeit with greater difficulty in JavaScript.</p>

Matthew Copperwaite (yaMatt) –

<p>SVGs get added to html with the object tag. In xhtml, an svg can be added inline; which should allow for better DOM manipulation.</p>

jezra –

<p>SVG files can be read like any other image file as long as the browser supports it.</p> <p>Inkscape does some funny things with the SVG but if you save it as a plain SVG it will work in Firefox.</p> <p>You tend not to use it online for IE compatibility, but there is nothing wrong with using the format.</p>

Matthew Copperwaite (yaMatt) –

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