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My First "Let's Encrypt" Cert

Now that it is in beta, I decided that I should request HTTPS certificates through the new Let's Encrypt certificate authority. It is free, secure, and provides a unique way of requesting certificates.

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Why is broken

There have been lots of problems with my GNUsocial instance, starting at the very beginning with and (which rendered users unable to subscribe to me). I've learned a lot, but now I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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Working with base64 and images

I have been working with base64 encoding a lot recently, specifically regarding image files. Using base64 is a cool way to embed images in your CSS, and happens to be useful when writing Django tests that involve an image file field.

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Now With IE8 Support!

Notice anything different about this site? …well, hopefully not.

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The Problem With Evergreen Browsers

On the surface, the concept of an "evergreen" browser – a browser that is always updated to the latest version – sounds like a no-brainer. Finally, browser makers have delivered us from the hell that was stagnant browser versions! IE6 is dead, and will never return!

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Browser Competition is Good

I recently checked out the browser statistics page over at W3 Schools, and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The chart indicated that Firefox had grown to a 31% market share in the year of January. Holy smokes! Do we have the kind of leverage we need to influence the standards compliance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer? Will they finally have to clean up their act to stay alive in the browser game?

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Safari's WMODE Blinkey Background Bug

Note: This post is out of date. To see the stunning conclusion, read the update!

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Update: Bye Bye Background Bug

Note: This is an update to an earlier post. To get the whole story, read Safari's Blinkey Background Bug.

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Safari for Windows: A Brilliant Move

In an earlier post, I described why I thought it was brilliant of Apple to release the Safari browser for PC. Now that I have a little more time to elaborate, I will do so.

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IE7: Same Old Story

I've been exploring the way Internet Explorer 7 handles things, and I'm overwhelmingly disappointed. IE7 suffers from the same "Microsoftitis" as most Microsoft products - which means that it behaves the way Microsoft believes it should, and not the way the rest of the world does.

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Web Accessibility - Balancing Elephants

Recently, I've been able to make a layout for Warren County that is too good to be true. It is completely standards compliant (xHTML 1.0 Strict, even!), very accessible (passes automatic verification on Sec. 508 and others) and still looks half good. It also works on all major browsers, degrades beautifully on those that don't support CSS, and only has some minor hiccups on browsers that have... "misguided" CSS support. It's taken tons and tons of work, and I just about peed my pants when I finished it. To a web designer, this is a thing of beauty. This is what we strive for.

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Opera 9 Stole My Brain

First of all, let me disappoint you by starting off with a disclaimer: This probably won't be as funny as it could be. If you're looking for ha has, check out PinkDot []; a new, softer, pinker, more unicorn-laden side of the News for Nerds.

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Living in a Flashless Society

Recently at work, I received a new workstation. This was necessary, because my old workstation was pretty quirky and very slow. But that's neither here nor there.

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The Little Browser Box

Our Telecomm guy had a suprise for me the other day: one of the DAs was getting a Blackberry, and he had it for a little bit. He stopped by, and brought up the Warren County web site.

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DOM Inspector: Sliced Bread, Eat Your Heart Out

It's been a rough week, but my overdue discovery of the DOM Inspector built-into Firefox may have just made my day.

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