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Tint2, Nitrogen, and Openbox Awesomeness

I've recently transitioned myself over to a Openbox-based desktop by installing Xubuntu and pulling out most of the XFCE stuff. It's been quite the learning experience, and I've discovered a couple things that I thought I should share:

At first, I was running Openbox without any panel at all, but in light of Tint2's awesomeness, I can't see doing without it. These are the kind of little things that make me love Linux and Free software so much.

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<p>I mainly use my own keyboard shortcuts. Super+T opens a terminal, Super+W opens Firefox, Super+E opens Geany, etc.</p> <p>For less used programs, I set up an "Apps" folder in the Openbox menu, and use Super+space to open that from the keyboard.</p>


<p>That sounds like a nice light-weight setup. Are you strictly using the OpenBox right-click menu for launching applications are do you use a different application like gnome-do,launchy, or dmenu?</p>

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