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Fragmented Development

Sharepoint - First Impressions

Recently, the 'boss' came to me with a mission; Microsoft Sharepoint. Investigate, dissemenate, procreate, whatever. We needed to know what it was, what it did, and if it will take care of our information flow issues. So it began.

Sharepoint is one way Microsoft can provide you with an intranet for your organization. It's almost completely web-based, and mixes in some AJAX-like functionality that allows you to manage everything. Of course, most of the AJAX elements only function properly if you're using the big blue 'e', but the site as a whole does work on versions of IE, Netscape, and even Mozilla 1.4 and higher. I'm using Firefox 1.5, and it seems to work just fine sans the administrative functions. If I need to change the site, I usually just load up the Sharepoint site in an IE tab.

TIDBIT: if you do a lot of development work, and abhor keeping two or more browsers open, try the IE Tab extension for Firefox.

So overall, considering that Sharepoint Services is offered as a free add-on to Windows Server 2003 (As long as you already own a copy of SQL 2000), it's not that bad of a service. Definitely worth a glance if you're trying to get an intranet up and running quick-and-dirty style.

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