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Fragmented Development

Looks like the Linux Outlaws have started up their own Planet:

I'm a bit worried that some of my posts on this blog are a little off-topic, even for the Outlaws (folks coming from the Forums will know what I mean). I'll be digging through the LifeType documentation to see if I can filter my RSS feed a bit, to prevent the FragDev-related news from hitting the planet site. If that isn't possible, I'll probably switch to manually updating the news and keep it off the blog. We'll see...

Tags: linux general


<p>Jezra speaks the truth, as usual!</p>

Fab –

<p>The point of the planet is to make a one stop shop for the blogs of forum members. If a blog is posted by a LO member, then the blog is on topic; regardless of the blog content.</p>

jezra –

<p>Ah don't worry, dude. No hassle! I'm sure it will be fine. :)</p>

Fab –

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