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Fragmented Development

Our daughter has arrived

It's been over a week, but I'm sure you can all understand why I've been too busy to write this post.

You see, on August 1st, my daughter arrived.

!A completely unscripted, non-posed picture. How spur of the moment!

She is healthy, generally happy, and taking my partner and I for a wild ride.

I won't be posting a tremendous amount about her on the web; I respect her privacy, and her right to choose how much information about her is public. When she is old enough, she can choose to share what she wants.

Nonetheless, I think a baby picture isn't going to hurt anybody. :)

If you would like baby news, I email around a picture every two weeks or so. Contact me and I'll put you on the list.

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Hope that little bundle of poop, puke and screams is letting you new parents rest some. ;) Congrats to the both of you!

jpope –

Congratulations! :)

morph –

Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl, cherish these special times, she'll be halfway through school life before you know it :)

Kevie –

Congratulations! She looks so cute!

aqeeliz –


Nathan Smith

Congratulations! She's beautiful. That pose is so cute too! Enjoy every last moment.


Hooray! Enjoy your coming months of little to no sleep! .)


Many congratulations!


Congratulations! Charles aka encycl aka encyclomundi

Charles Roth MPC –

Aw, she's lovely! Welcome to this wonderful if rather perplexing world. No time in my life compares to when my kids were born. Enjoy!

Andrew Conway –

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