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Fragmented Development

No Vacancy

With over 50 registered users, the FragDev GNUsocial instance is much larger than I ever expected it to grow. To be honest, I figured it would probably be my own personal instance and not much more.

Instead, it's become a collection of the finest users around. I really like most people on my instance, and I enjoy the fact that I can help them use GNUsocial.

However, with the exploding popularity of GNUsocial, it's also upped the load on my VPS. GNUsocial takes up around 30-50% of my CPU to do whatever it does, so I'm taking a couple steps to curb that.

The most public facet of this is that I will no longer be taking any new users on. We're full up! If you want an account at FragDev, you're just going to have to shower a current user with bribes until they give you their spot.

Tags: housekeeping server gnusocial

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