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Fragmented Development

Mr. and Mrs. Honeyhume

My fiance and I were finally able to tie the knot; we are now Mr. and Mrs. Honeyhume!

We have been together for nearly twenty years, through good times and bad. Finally being able to make things official was not only exciting, but wonderful fun. Thank you to all who were able to attend, and I apologize to anyone we were unable to invite; our families are very, very large and filled most seats.

I'm writing this from a jungle bungalow (jungalow? surely not) in Costa Rica, which has been an extremely lovely place to explore as husband and wife. We may even try to make an HPR episode out of it if we can!

The rain forest on a sunny, partially cloudy day. Several varieties of tropical trees are present, and there is a horse obscured by some broad leaves. A forested mountain rises up in the distance.

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