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Fragmented Development

Meaty Dilemma

I received my first comment on this blog the other day.

I don't believe I write just to get feedback, so I don't mind if my blog goes unnoticed. It doesn't really bother me. However, getting a comment does kinda let you know that there's someone out there that likes what you're writing. Somebody who can use what you're putting out there.

So, when I saw the number of comments on my most recent entry had increased to one, I was pretty excited. I opened up the entry, and lo and behold...

There was twelve pages of mumbo-jumbo and a dozen links at the bottom. I had been spammed.

So, I enabled comment moderation, and re-published the blog. Lesson learned. I guess CAPTCHAS can't keep the spammers at bay forever...

Tags: housekeeping

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