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Linux - Our Day Has Come

I heard that Kubuntu, my favorite flavor of Ubuntu, had a new version out. Since I run a dual-boot system with Windows XP and Kubuntu, I did my duty and downloaded the latest version, which just happens to be 7.10 (Gutsy). While I was starting the install process, I noticed a small blue signal strength graph in my taskbar.

I bought a separate USB wireless adapter for Linux a while back, because my Linksys PCI card did not seem to behave well with Linux. But the USB devices were still sitting on my shelf, disconnected, because I hadn't finished setting up the machine yet (and they only worked for about fifteen minutes on average, so I wanted to save them for updates and package installation). But there it was, telling me that I had a wireless signal strength of about 90%.

I double-checked to make sure I hadn't somehow left one hooked up, and finding nothing, dropped to my knees with arms raised to the sky. Finally, decent wireless support in Linux.

I'm beginning my first Linux-only day in a long time, and it's a good feeling. Nigh, a wonderful feeling. This leaves one major barrier to my ditching Windows entirely: games. But with some experiments I've been doing with Wine, that may be a thing of the past as well. For anyone who's been waiting for the right time to switch over to Linux... well, this is it. Our day has come.

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