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@font-face, Icon Fonts, and Gnome Character Map

Just a quick post to mention an issue I ran into while working with @font-face for a recent design.

When I'm trying to set up an icon font on a website, I usually end up selecting the characters with the gnome character map. It's an excellent way to browse the symbols available for a specific typeface... or so I thought!

As it turns out, gnome character map inserts symbols from multiple fonts by default, which was causing me all sorts of confusion. To only show symbols from the selected font, you can:

  1. Select the "View" menu
  2. Check the "Show only glyphs from this font" option.

With that option selected, the character map only shows the symbols present in that particular font - and should stop you from loading your site with those little unicode boxes that mean you've used an unsupported character. Hope this helps someone!

Tags: css linux


I'm seeing this too, and I wonder what other fonts does Charmap consult? It is not mentioned at all in the documentation :-(

Ian –

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