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Fragmented Development

Designer Vs. Developer

I am a web developer. I develop web sites, the code behind them, and most technical aspects associated with interactions on the web. I am concerned primarily about function, speed, efficiency and usability.

I am not a web designer, even though I try. Web designers design web sites, and focus on the aesthetics and layout of a page. Their primary focuses involve presentation, appearance, and beauty*.

When web designers and developers need to work together, sometimes differences in opinion crop up. Sometimes quarrels break out. Sometimes people agree to disagree, and sometimes people die.

...Okay, so nobody dies. However, somehow the designer and developer need to come to a consensus. There is usually a middle-ground to be had, but the trouble is getting there. Misunderstandings on both sides can get in the way; maybe the designer isn't used to designing for the web, so they expect the precision of other fields of design. Maybe the developer has never had to delve too deep into the CSS properties that have to do with typography, and are poorly equipped to use them.

Whatever your position, designer or developer, take it upon yourself to find that middle ground. If you're working with someone from the opposite camp who refuses to budge, find a compromise that works for both parties. It's much easier to work with someone who's willing to cooperate, and if you prove that you take their opinions and concerns seriously, they're more apt to respect yours and take them into account. Someday we may not have to choose between graphical elements and usability, but until then, try to be the good guy. Stick to your guns, but don't shoot yourself in the foot.

* Like I said, I'm no designer. I am just speculating here.

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