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Backup Exec stuck at "Loading Media"

Upon logging in to our backup server this morning, I was alarmed to find our last backup job stuck with a status of "Loading Media". Our backups are backup-to-disk, so there wasn't any media to load. I quickly checked the filesystem, and it still had an enormous amount of free space. So what was holding up our backups?

I cancelled the job and restarted it, and it began chugging along merrily. While it was catching up, I started to look for the problem.

All the media sets looked fine, and there were plenty of media files set to "overwritable", so I didn't see anything that would suspend a job indefinitely.

I found the source of the problem hiding in the Windows Event Log. An informational event, #58062, with the following description:

Backup Exec Alert: Media Overwrite
(Server: "SERVER-NAME") (Job: "Backup File Server") Do you want to overwrite imported media 'B2D001663'?

Media Overwrite Protection is configured to prompt before overwriting imported media.

Respond Yes to overwrite the media.
Respond No to use other media.
Respond Cancel to cancel the operation. 

 For more information, click the following link:

That's right, Backup Exec tried to prompt me via the event log. No wonder it had been waiting since Saturday.

Luckily, this was a quick fix. If you go to Tools, then Options, and pick the Media Management section, you need to adjust the Media overwrite protection level settings. These should be set to partial, with the prompt before overwriting imported media checkbox unchecked.

I found the solution on the following Symantec page: Event ID 58062.

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