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Fragmented Development


It's rare that I have big news, so I'm just going to use an Adventure Time screenshot.

A screenshot of Jake the Dog, from Adventure Time, Season 4, Episode 19, 'Lady & Peebles'.

That's right! My partner and I are expecting some sort of baby in July! It's been hard to identify anatomical features, but it's humanoid for sure.

It is crazy stuff, but we're both really excited. So much for sleep and free time!

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Whoa! A life changer for sure!

Congrats, pal!

NYbill –

Congrats buddy!

New dad advice I got from various sources (and experience)

  1. Cargo pants! You'll need the pockets
  2. When the little one sleeps, you sleep
  3. Stop drinking coffee a month or so before arrival, you'll need it later!
  4. Slow down and enjoy. Kids are fantastic!

x1101 –

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