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Fragmented Development

Arch Nemesis

I recently had that feeling, the "distro-hopping" inkling that you get when you're too comfortable with familiarity and everything working. After a session in the #linuxoutlaws, I decided that I was going to install Arch Linux on my Dell Mini 9.

So, if you're in the Linux Outlaws channel, stay away from grnmtn. He's nothing but trouble. ;)

I kid, I kid. So I've been working on getting Arch running on my netbook, and I have a couple tips so far:

I'm going to try getting X and a window manager up and running this weekend; I'll post an update when I get a bit further. I think I'll wait before I pass judgement on Arch, until I've had some further experience with it.

Tags: linux


<p>How is it going?</p>


<p>I'm installing it on my Dell Mini 9, and the wireless card is a Broadcom 4312 Wireless Card.</p> <p>Just a bit tricky to get going without an internet connection - needed to download the package and transfer it via a USB drive.</p>

jacob –

<p>What sort of hardware are you using and what type of build in wireless does your netbook have? </p> <p>Oh yea, and I'm quite a fan of Arch.</p>

jezra –

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