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Fragmented Development

Approaching Zero

On July 1st, somewhere around Midnight in the UTC timezone, I closed down the GNUsocial instance I ran and tucked away the data in an archive. After implementing shipping and payment processing, the ecommerce project I've been working on will be ready for production. This weekend, I cleaned out the garage after putting it off for months.

My inbox is down to less than 20 messages, and I only have a few podcasts left in my backlog. I'm checking off my list, tying up loose ends, and clearing out my life in general.

I'm guessing this is some sort of instinctual "nesting" brought about by the fact that, at any time, my partner could birth a tiny bundle of wriggling chaos directly into my waiting arms. We have days, not weeks or months.

I don't feel worried or apprehensive in the least, but there's a logical part of me that knows I probably should be. Which is worrying in itself. But nevertheless, I am enjoying the prospect of some added adventure and variety in my life.

We'll see how optimistic I'll be in a month or two. ;)

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